Feb 15, 2012

Tejal's Review on VARNA's Stamp

I sent one of the Sample stamp set to Tejal, One of the best stamper & superb reviewer in India.  I was really
really happy when i got her review, the review was so professional and very honest.  This helped me a lot to 
improvise the stamp and encouraged me to launch it off immediately. Thanks Tejal.  

The stamp set i sent her... 

So this is the Sneak Peak of today...

Sneak Peak #2

 This is Lovely Birds (8x6 Stamp set)


The Review on VARNA's Stamp

1.   I really like the deep etching of the stamp. Easy to peel off the CD and sticks very well on the acrylic  
      block too. My clear block is dirty and yet after adhering and removing the stamps a couple of times there was no problem at all.
2.   It takes up ink well. The ink does not pool up on the stamp as it sometimes happens in the case of water based inks like memento and distress inks.
3.   I stamped it using dye ink- memento black and red, pigment ink- brilliance inks, distress inks, and chalk inks. No issue with impressions at all. They stamp as good as PTI stamps.
4.   I also used different papers to try it out, Fabriano brustro, Ivory paper, watercolor paper and glossy paper. Crisp impression on every paper.
5.   The border stamp is simply amazing. The design is such that it allows for continuous stamping and I could not even find the joining line. Very very crisp impression.
6.   I think you need to get it cut professionally if possible.  Just in case a small nick while trimming the stamp could tear it while peeling it off the case or block.

Review By:

Initially i was planning to pack it in a CD case with the transparent sticker to easy storage... but Tejal suggested it might break while shipping as well in India, sending a CD case is a difficult thing.  So I have changed the packaging, in a simple neat way.. (Keep guessing, ll release the packaging photo soon).

Also about the professional cutting , as most of the people know, VARNA's is a budding brand and i am the only person to design, make the stamps and cut and pack it... So with all ur support and encouragement , ll soon make to professional packaging ...  But promising about the stamp quality as tejal mentioned.

Lovely Birds stamp set in Tejal's Work... Have a look...

To See more picture took about her experience on VARNA's stamps, Check Tejal's Post.



  1. loved those cute little birds. great review by tejal..Actually many stamps dont give crisp image with dye n distress ink and if ur stamps does good with these than really good job varna. It would be great if u could mention the actual dimension of the stamp.

  2. Tejal is such an good choice for a review...i really liked what she had to say about your stamps... she made the various points about the inks and papers so clear and i love the way she has used the cute bird stamp in the scrapbook...looking forward to seeing your new release:)

  3. First of all my hearty congratulations for launching ur own brand of stamps !! They look good and after reading tejal's review...am sure this brand will definitely be a good success... wish u all the best

  4. Hey Kudos & That builds our confidence for sure... :) It would emerge to be a promising INDIAN BRAND OF STAMPS.... Wishes & Hugs)))

  5. a surprise for u in my blog!

  6. Congratulations Varshitha.. This is actually brilliant.. waiting for the release.. :-)

  7. Congrats Varshita :) way to go :) you are going to make India proud :) and all the crafters too.. cheers!! all the best :)

  8. Congrats Varshita! way to go girl :)

  9. congrats di ! have been mia for awhile ..
    way to go !

  10. Congrats dear... so so want these after reading this review :)


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