Feb 14, 2012

VARNA's Stamp ... Launch Party...

Welcome all, to the new exciting season of the debut release of VARNA's Stamp. The stamps made in our own country..yes  you heard it right.. in India!! The quality is at par with the other international brands and price cheaper compared to them!!So Stamping in India is gonna be more fun and easy.... Does it sound tempting?!! Keep reading.. there is lots more for you…

We are extremely happy about the release of our new brand of Clear Polymer stamps and we want you to take part in our celebration and  win so many stamps that we have to offer!! There are loads and loads of events coming up of course with loads of prizes and all that u need to win, is to keep following us through the release for 15 days.

14th February ... isn't it a great day for launching very new brand.... Hope its a real treat for craft lovers....
BTW..... Happy Valentine's Day!!

There is gonna be a Sneak-Peak of VARNA's Stamp Design Every day till 29th February.  On the same day, 29th February its Release Fest, again its a special day which comes four years once... So many reasons to celebrate.... So definitely with a Yummmmy Candy.... 

Guess what the Candy is
 It's VARNA's Stamp Set which we are going to peak in today...

Sneak Peak #1

VARNA's Stamp Set: Holi Colors (6 inch x 4 inch size)

Isn't it tempting to use a Indian festive design stamp.... 

Do post your comments about the Stamp set.

How to win the candy
1. Be a follower.
2. Like facebook page & Share it in facebook
3. Add in side bar
4. Add your name in inlinkz
5. Keep following and join in upcoming events & pour in your suggestions, likes, dislikes in the comment.
6. Don't forget to add a comments if the Linky goes down.... 


  1. thanks for such a lovely deal . i am very excited for indian products.thanks and best wishes for your future

  2. With festivities & Holi in particular, just around the corner, the time could not have been more auspicious than this.... Wishes & Hugs)))

    Ash... :)

  3. I am loving the designs, the fonts!! FAABULOUS!! I wish you could have added bigger spashes of colors too!! but these is fab too!!!

  4. This is fantastic.. I doubt we have a stamp set just for Holi available AT ALL... Great job girl... :-)

  5. I am happpyyy!!! You are going to bring a revolutionary change in Indian card making and stamping... I have put up 2 craft stalls till now and believe me, people has a liking towards handmade cards but they find it a bit costly affair... With your stamp sets which is economical + apt for Indian taste, more people will take interest in it... Looking forward for your collection...
    And I agree with Tejal... Splashes of different sizes will make it a complete set...

  6. great job Varna.. Loved the holi designs.. Looking forward to see more designs :)

  7. This is a great effort Varshitha! Congrats on launching your own stamps !! We are so looking forward to them :) Though I am not a stamper, but few basic stamps are a must for every crafter. I am happy we can have stamps for Indian festivals and with Indian motifs.

  8. Congrats Varshitha ..You have taken a big step that will fulfill stamping needs of crafters. I wish you have a full fledged manufacturing unit of all crafting supplies including patterned papers..as i found importing them also is a bit expensive. I am glad that u launched your first stamp with an Indian theme. Wish you loads of success in this new venture.

  9. You are doing a fabulous job making our dreams come true :)

    And even I would prefer different size and shapes of color splashes on the set. That would make for a cool background too :) Just saying!

  10. fab job !
    its holi set .. y not add a pichkari and some color splashes ..
    i love this stamp .. totally india !

  11. Congratulations Varna on your new venture !! I love this stamp set...so apt for us in India...thanks so much !

  12. WOOOOWIE stamps made in india coool and congratulations


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