Feb 15, 2012

Card Designs with VARNA's Stamps by Priya Sivaraj

Hi ,

Thanks for your support and encouragement.. your suggestions and comments are really valuable. I am hereby posting some Card Designed by Priya Sivaraj with VARNA's Stamps.

I should mention about Priya, She got introduced to me through ICR ..In first chennai ICR meetup with Shobana, Priya Venkat and Priya Sivaraj... That was a memorable meet for me with lots of inspiration and found many ways to build up my ideas ... Priya,  is the one who supported me mentally .. and her encouragement and knowledge made me feel more strong about making stamps in India,  else i might have dropped the idea of making the stamps at some point of time... So Special Thanks for her....
Thank you PRIYA SIVARAJ...

Here are the few cards which she sent, to see the other cards and review about VARNA's Stamps by Priya, Click here.


  1. Wow lovely creations n lovely stamps too.


  2. WOW!!!Lovely stamps .I want them too...when are they releasing??/

  3. priya has showcased your stamps so well varshita..seeing her creation i am so tempted to buy this...lovely cards...so waiting for the release of your new stamps:)

  4. These are so so beautiful..she has really captured the essence of your stamps well!! beautiful!! now I have to step up to the challenge and showcase some cards..!!

  5. the way priya has used these stamps is amazing .. versatile .
    lovely stamps !

  6. Are they Priya's cards.....? They are totally out of this world..... I feel so proud to see some amazing & stunning creations around.... NEAT, CLEAN & CRISP!She has indeed been successful in bringing out the best of those simple & cute stamps..... PROUD INDIAN! Wishes to you both.... :D

  7. lovely cards with lovely stamping work... where can v get our hands on these??

  8. Awesome work.. I really loved the background stamp!

  9. Waoo!! One stamp set and so many different cards... Thats a one good lot...


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