Feb 29, 2012

Sneak Peak of the day....

Hi friends,

Sneak Peak again.... Got bored by jus watching it as a design,  Now you can also order my stamps from your Favorite Store -  Imaginations Online...

tempted to try...
yes, you should...

DONT MISS THE BLOG HOP, Which is gonna start from tomorrow... there are definitely some prizes too..

So now lets Peak in....

Sneak Peak # 15

VARNA's Stamp Border Fusion (6"x4")

And the winner for VARNA's Launch Party Candy is Jovita.
Please Claim ur candy and send me ur address to varnascreation@gmail.com
within 2 days or would be reselecting...

VARNA's is looking for Retail Partners, to sell VARNA' s Stamp.  Interested people can mail me for details.

Happy Crafting :)

Today's Sneak Peak


Today's Sneak Peak is .
Sneak Peak # 13

VARNA's Stamp Mother's Day (3"x3")


Sneak Peak #14

VARNA's Stamp Jus MOM (2"x2")

Feb 26, 2012

VARNA's Stamps Package + Sneak Peaks+Mini Candy


Check Out VARNA's Stamp in pack... (Sorry for bad photography, ll try to improve my photography skills.. :))

VARNA's Holi Colors, Holi Damaka & Lovely birds 

You can order order ur Holi Damaka and Holi Color Stamps, Details below

VCS-002 Holi Damaka (8"x4") - Rs. 700

VCS-003 Holi Colors (6"x4") - Rs. 600

Mail me to place your order. FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in India.

 Sneak Peak #11

VARNA's Stamp Floral Fantasy #3(4"x 4")

Sneak Peak #12
 VARNA's Stamp Vintage Love #1 (3"x3")

Please pour in ur comment on the stamp designs... would love to hear from you..

A small questionnaire, please fill it up.. this ll help me to serve u better...

1. What is your favorite ink pad ? Dye/Pigment/Chalk

if not yet tried, what would like to try?

2. What is your favorite brand inkpad?

if not yet tried, which brand would be ur first preference?

3. What Color Inkpad is your favorite?

4. Do you like Distress Ink pads?

if so, what color is in your wish list

if not, y have'nt u tried?

5. Have you tried embossing pad? Which brand?

If not would you like to try?

6. Do you feel inkpads are expensive in India?

7. Would you like to see all brands inkpads in VARNA's Creation Store?
if so what brands and in what price? 
(eg: memento dew drops : Rs.100)

Please answer in the comment section. 


One lucky winner who is answering will get VARNA's Stamp Vintage Love #1

My answer for Questionnaire

1. What is your favorite ink pad ? Dye/Pigment/Chalk
 Dye and Pigment

2. What is your favorite brand inkpad?
stampin up

3. What Color Inkpad is your favorite?
Brights , black, embossing ink pads

4. Do you like Distress Ink pads?
Not much, jus once.. but have lots of ideas with it...

5. Have you tried embossing pad? Which brand?
Yes, i love it.. Versa Mark

6. Do you feel inkpads are expensive in India?
a little
7. Would you like to see all brands Ink pads in VARNA's Creation Store?
if so what brands and in what price? 
Yes, its gonna be here soon
Memento Rs.100
Color Box full size - Rs.400
If i can buy it less than it , ll surely give u in a cheaper price never before... at the same time at season accept my normal price also...

Hugs & love,

Feb 25, 2012

VARNA's Sneak Peak #10 and more to admire

Hi buddies,

 Wonderful creations by Priya Sivaraj, using VARNA's Stamp - Kitchen Chick

and one more sneak peak for today as i missed out yest....

Sneak Peak #10

 VARNA's Stamp - Floral Fantasy #2 (4" x 4")

 Keep watching VARNA's Facebook page , as there might be a surprise...


VARNA's Sneak Peak #9


Quick post with today' sneak peak....

Sneak Peak #9
VARNA's Stamp-Express It #1 Basic Sentiments (4"x4")

Do check VARNA's Creation Facebook Page for regular updates...

Feb 23, 2012

VARNA's Sneak Peak #8


Sneak Peak #8

VARNA's Stamp - Background Builder #1 (4"x4")

Sorry wrong guesses...

Now tell me ur most loved or most pronounced word.... (eg: cho chweet, woooow)

yes, the best word/phrase is gonna be in VARNA's sentiment set....  Come on frnds pour in ur comments...


Feb 22, 2012

VARNA's Sneak Peak #7 + Some Holi Cards...

Hi frnds,

Sneak Peak #7


VARNA's Stamp - Kitchen Chicks (6"x4")

Have a look at cards designed by Priya with VARNA's Stamp - Holi Damaka

To see more card designs made with same stamp set visit her Color Conceptions..

Holi Damaka & Holi Colors Stamps are ready to go, u can order it from me by sending me a email (varnascreation@gmail.com) or from Color Conceptions Store

Sorry no one guessed it right....
No worries,
Again a Chance to win a VARNA's stamp .... Guess my next release stamp design/theme and win VARNA;s stamp of your choice.... u can claim any design....

More designs coming up... Stay tuned...

Happy Crafting,


Feb 21, 2012

Sneak Peak #6 + Holi Stamps are ready to go....


Holi stamp are ready for u... below are the details..

Added few more splashes in different size, as my frnds and crafter mates suggested to....
hope u ll like n enjoy it...

Holi Stamps (6" x 4")
Product Code:VCS-003
 ` 600

Holi Damaka (8" x 4")
    Product Code:VCS-002
` 700

You can to order the Holi Stamps mail me @

Or you can also purchase my holi stamps from Color Conception's Craft Store
and my other stamps will be soon avlb (after release on 29th Feb) at your favorite craft store, Imaginations Online

Only Holi Stamps are for Sale from now... 

Sneak Peak #6

VARNA's Stamp - Floral Fantasy #1 (4" x 4")

Yessssssssss... its florals...

And the this stamp set (Floral Fantasy #1) goes to Indira Tanwar
Claim ur stamp within 24 hrs or i ll select another winner... 

Again Guess my next stamp theme right and win an VARNA's stamp set...

Keep watching , Keep Commenting, Keep Enjoying....

Feb 20, 2012

VARNA's Sneak Peak #5 + again a surprise...........

Tejal's Lovely Creation Using VARNA's Stamp...
I was sooo excited seeing this design.... thanks teju...

Many Guessed Upcoming Sneak Peak, See what the sneak peak is...

Sneak Peak #5

 VARNA's Stamp Bewitching Backgrounds #1 (A6 size - 4.1 inch x 5.8 inch)

again a chance to win VARNA's Stamps, Guess my next design and win the same design .... wow isn't it exciting to win the new released design on the same day....

Feb 16, 2012

VARNA's Sneak Peak #4 + a surprise...........


Participate in all the events and comments in the recent and upcoming post and make ur chance high to win my blog candy + lot more prizes...

Today's Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak #4

VARNA's Stamp Frame and Fills (6 x 4 Size)

Guess my tomorrow's Sneak Peak Design/ Theme of the Design and win a beautiful 3 x 3 Stamp set..

Keep watching... lot more surprises waiting...


VARNA's BLOG HOP + Sneak Peak #3


Welcome to VARNA's Blog Hop

Thanks a lot for all ur comments and love... keep showing ur love and support...

Since we decided to give a little something to all , who participate in the events, we have designed a free digi stamp – exclusively for the release event, even before you get hold of our stamps in your hand!! How cool is that?!! Have u started enjoying the post now?!!

OK..ok..Now how do u win it?!!Just simple.. email us to varnascreation@gmail.com to claim ur free digi..Wait wait..that is not all that.. there is still more.. You are given a chance to participate in the Varna’s bloghop. You ask us why you need to participate in the bloghop?! 2 appealing reasons for u!!
1.       Make your blog more popular and let many people visit and praise your work!
2.       The best entry in the blog hop would receive another VARNA's stamp set for free from us!
 The Stamp set of blog hop wins is today's Sneak Peak
Sneak Peak #3
             VARNA's Stamp - Holi Damaka (8x4 stamp set)
You will be given one week to make a card using the digi we send and the bloghop would take place on March 1st. Lots more prizes on the day of blog hop too.. So stay tuned in on the date!!.
Repeating it again.. just mail us at varnascreation@gmail.com to get a chance to win loads of goodies!! More details will be sent through mail.. Any  doubts abt the event, we are just a comment away!!

Feb 15, 2012

Card Designs with VARNA's Stamps by Priya Sivaraj

Hi ,

Thanks for your support and encouragement.. your suggestions and comments are really valuable. I am hereby posting some Card Designed by Priya Sivaraj with VARNA's Stamps.

I should mention about Priya, She got introduced to me through ICR ..In first chennai ICR meetup with Shobana, Priya Venkat and Priya Sivaraj... That was a memorable meet for me with lots of inspiration and found many ways to build up my ideas ... Priya,  is the one who supported me mentally .. and her encouragement and knowledge made me feel more strong about making stamps in India,  else i might have dropped the idea of making the stamps at some point of time... So Special Thanks for her....
Thank you PRIYA SIVARAJ...

Here are the few cards which she sent, to see the other cards and review about VARNA's Stamps by Priya, Click here.

Tejal's Review on VARNA's Stamp

I sent one of the Sample stamp set to Tejal, One of the best stamper & superb reviewer in India.  I was really
really happy when i got her review, the review was so professional and very honest.  This helped me a lot to 
improvise the stamp and encouraged me to launch it off immediately. Thanks Tejal.  

The stamp set i sent her... 

So this is the Sneak Peak of today...

Sneak Peak #2

 This is Lovely Birds (8x6 Stamp set)


The Review on VARNA's Stamp

1.   I really like the deep etching of the stamp. Easy to peel off the CD and sticks very well on the acrylic  
      block too. My clear block is dirty and yet after adhering and removing the stamps a couple of times there was no problem at all.
2.   It takes up ink well. The ink does not pool up on the stamp as it sometimes happens in the case of water based inks like memento and distress inks.
3.   I stamped it using dye ink- memento black and red, pigment ink- brilliance inks, distress inks, and chalk inks. No issue with impressions at all. They stamp as good as PTI stamps.
4.   I also used different papers to try it out, Fabriano brustro, Ivory paper, watercolor paper and glossy paper. Crisp impression on every paper.
5.   The border stamp is simply amazing. The design is such that it allows for continuous stamping and I could not even find the joining line. Very very crisp impression.
6.   I think you need to get it cut professionally if possible.  Just in case a small nick while trimming the stamp could tear it while peeling it off the case or block.

Review By:

Initially i was planning to pack it in a CD case with the transparent sticker to easy storage... but Tejal suggested it might break while shipping as well in India, sending a CD case is a difficult thing.  So I have changed the packaging, in a simple neat way.. (Keep guessing, ll release the packaging photo soon).

Also about the professional cutting , as most of the people know, VARNA's is a budding brand and i am the only person to design, make the stamps and cut and pack it... So with all ur support and encouragement , ll soon make to professional packaging ...  But promising about the stamp quality as tejal mentioned.

Lovely Birds stamp set in Tejal's Work... Have a look...

To See more picture took about her experience on VARNA's stamps, Check Tejal's Post.


Feb 14, 2012

VARNA's Stamp ... Launch Party...

Welcome all, to the new exciting season of the debut release of VARNA's Stamp. The stamps made in our own country..yes  you heard it right.. in India!! The quality is at par with the other international brands and price cheaper compared to them!!So Stamping in India is gonna be more fun and easy.... Does it sound tempting?!! Keep reading.. there is lots more for you…

We are extremely happy about the release of our new brand of Clear Polymer stamps and we want you to take part in our celebration and  win so many stamps that we have to offer!! There are loads and loads of events coming up of course with loads of prizes and all that u need to win, is to keep following us through the release for 15 days.

14th February ... isn't it a great day for launching very new brand.... Hope its a real treat for craft lovers....
BTW..... Happy Valentine's Day!!

There is gonna be a Sneak-Peak of VARNA's Stamp Design Every day till 29th February.  On the same day, 29th February its Release Fest, again its a special day which comes four years once... So many reasons to celebrate.... So definitely with a Yummmmy Candy.... 

Guess what the Candy is
 It's VARNA's Stamp Set which we are going to peak in today...

Sneak Peak #1

VARNA's Stamp Set: Holi Colors (6 inch x 4 inch size)

Isn't it tempting to use a Indian festive design stamp.... 

Do post your comments about the Stamp set.

How to win the candy
1. Be a follower.
2. Like facebook page & Share it in facebook
3. Add in side bar
4. Add your name in inlinkz
5. Keep following and join in upcoming events & pour in your suggestions, likes, dislikes in the comment.
6. Don't forget to add a comments if the Linky goes down....