Feb 21, 2012

Sneak Peak #6 + Holi Stamps are ready to go....


Holi stamp are ready for u... below are the details..

Added few more splashes in different size, as my frnds and crafter mates suggested to....
hope u ll like n enjoy it...

Holi Stamps (6" x 4")
Product Code:VCS-003
 ` 600

Holi Damaka (8" x 4")
    Product Code:VCS-002
` 700

You can to order the Holi Stamps mail me @

Or you can also purchase my holi stamps from Color Conception's Craft Store
and my other stamps will be soon avlb (after release on 29th Feb) at your favorite craft store, Imaginations Online

Only Holi Stamps are for Sale from now... 

Sneak Peak #6

VARNA's Stamp - Floral Fantasy #1 (4" x 4")

Yessssssssss... its florals...

And the this stamp set (Floral Fantasy #1) goes to Indira Tanwar
Claim ur stamp within 24 hrs or i ll select another winner... 

Again Guess my next stamp theme right and win an VARNA's stamp set...

Keep watching , Keep Commenting, Keep Enjoying....


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  2. Congrats Indira!! Loved the floral stamp set.. I think now there would be leaves :)

  3. Yippee....... so happy to win!! Sent you an email Varshitha!!

  4. This time definately butterflies !! :) :P !!

  5. Fab.stamp...i think next will be related to birds

  6. oh wow congrats indira...and Varshita your holi stamps look a lot of fun...and i am hoping your next release is swirls or flourishes..have been wanting them for some time now!!

  7. lovely collection of stamps you have introduced varshita...all the very best for the wonderful venture..My guess is a birthday set i guess...

  8. i think it would be some sentiments... would so love that :)


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