Oct 20, 2011

Cards & gifts from crafty frnds...

When i was introduced to this blog world, i was lil confused with things happening around here... I got to know about ICR and got some nice frnds through ICR. Many helped me in choosing the products, gave me tips techniques, thank you for all those lovely ppl.

Here is lovely card sent my Mallika, A Vintage Queen ... thanks Mallika for the lovely card.

Chennai Crafters Meet up (ICR Meet Up) with Priya Sivaraj, Priya venkat, Shobana... Met lovely ppl and had a wonderful coffee time with them, Got so many ideas, lovely tutorial of Priya Sivaraj..And could never forget Priya's cute lil son... such a adorable kido..... See More about our meet up in Priya Venkats Blog

And some lovely goodies which Priya Venkat and Shobana gifted us... Thanks for the lovely gift...

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